Once upon a time, a stroke of genius fused ‘Cake’ and ‘Smash’… Introducing seriously adorable first birthday tradition! My ultimate finale of baby’s first year is Cake Smash Session.

cake smash photoshoot Fujairah

Oh, let me tell you, if you want to know where the real fun’s at during a photo session, it’s gotta be the Cake Smash! I mean, come on, it’s baby’s first birthday – that’s a milestone worth celebrating in style!

That first year? It’s a rollercoaster, no doubt about it! Some days fly by, and others, well, let’s just say time seems to crawl (especially during those midnight wake-up calls!).

But when that long-awaited first birthday finally rolls around, oh boy, the excitement is contagious! And spending time with a one-year-old? It’s like hanging out with a tiny ball of sunshine! You start to see their little quirks and charms, and it’s just heart-meltingly adorable! You start to see their little personalities shining through, and it’s just the best.

What includes signature cake smash session at our photo studio:

  1. Background for family photos – we keep family portraits separate from the theme to preserve their timeless quality. Typically, we commence the session with a family or siblings photoshoot.
  2. Main Decoration – we create one main decoration based on your chosen theme/colors. It is complemented by balloons and printed details to incorporate into the requested theme, usually sourced from artists. The decoration also includes various props such as baby chair, cake stand, flowers, toys, boxes, and tents.
  3. Matching clothes – our clients have a wide selection of baby clothes in our wardrobe that match the themes. From suits and dresses for clean pictures (before the cake smash) to rompers and tutu skirts, there’s plenty of variety. Don’t worry about the baby ruining the clothes—let them be happy and enjoy smashing the cake.
  4. Matching cake – we always have fresh baked and moist cake to ensure the baby can easily enjoy smashing it. The cake is decorated to match the decoration but is designed not to distract or take focus away from the baby. Its size is perfect to fit between the baby’s legs without hiding them. If baby has any allergy you should tell us to adjust recipe.
  5. Milky bath – simple decoration with a small bath adds a fun element after the cake smash. We can also add fruits, real flowers or marshmallows to the milky bath, so the baby can have fun playing while bathing.
cake smash at near photo studio Fujairah

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