Kids Photoshoot – fine art portraits

Photo studio near you unlashes the magic of kids photoshoot

Photography, a profound art, goes beyond capturing faces—it encapsulates the essence of souls. Every stage of your child’s life is a precious chapter worth capturing, a kaleidoscope of fleeting moments.

As time gracefully glides by, your little one undergoes rapid transformations, each blink witnessing growth and change. Within the lens, we discover the magic of these evolving souls, preserving the beautiful narrative of your child’s journey.


2 settings
30 min in studio
8 edited photos
1 month private online gallery
additional person +100aed
*raw photos and albums are not included. please see price here ADD ON

To secure your spot, kindly give us a call to coordinate the timing. Our sessions are starting between 10-11am. We appreciate your cooperation in respecting the agreed timing for a seamless and delightful experience. Booking fee 500aed it is deductible from price, rest can be completed after session.

Discover magic of kids photoshoot with photo studio near you

Through each snapshot, we freeze-frame the nuances, expressions, and spirits that paint the canvas of their unique identity. Embrace the timeless beauty of photography, where every click becomes a cherished memory, a testament to the evolving soul of your beloved child.

girl photo Fujairah

Embark on a journey of discovery at our top-rated photo studio, located for your convenience, so it is right here in Fujairah city. Dive into the enchanting world of kids photoshooting, because our dedicated photographer artists capturing the pure magic of childhood. From the heartwarming smiles and the innocence of expressions, we craft unforgettable memories so that linger throughout a lifetime. Explore our gallery page and witness the seamless blend of creativity and artistry defining our work. Uncover unique and creative ideas that artfully showcase the distinctive essence of each child’s personality. Trust us to elevate ordinary moments into extraordinary memories at our Fujairah photo studio, where each frame seamlessly weaves a captivating story.


Packages do not includes unedited photos. The gallery will contain double the number of photos included in the package. We deliver gallery within three weeks. The booking fee of 500AED is deductible from the total price and non-refundable. If a client is late (over 30 minutes), the booking fee will be reapplied. Prices may change, and the offer is valid for 7 days.