Packages & Prices

Explore our photoshoot prices and packages per category, each tailored from design to realization and final editing. Newborn photoshoots, demanding in skills, knowledge, time, and post-production, are a specialty. Working with babies is our joy, and despite its challenges, it brings rewarding moments afterward.

Should the photoshoot prices be a primary criteria for choosing your photographer?

Absolutely not. While it’s understandable that welcoming a new baby brings increased family expenses, parents may face budget constraints when investing in family memories. Recognizing that photos endure for a lifetime and beyond gives significant value and justification to this investment. The price reflects the cost of the studio, inclusive of props, adorable handmade outfits, professional equipment, and, most crucially, the skill and knowledge of your photographer. It’s essential to understand that the camera itself doesn’t create photos; it’s the photographer’s expertise that brings out the nuances and distinctions. Continuous investment in skills, staying updated with trends, and expanding knowledge is something to be valued and respected, and the price should reflect that commitment.

When selecting your family and baby photographer, the best criteria begin with a thorough examination of their portfolio. Let the photos speak, as they convey more than words ever could. Assess whether you resonate with the photographer’s artistic style. Each artist possesses a unique style, akin to a signature, so choose one that resonates with your preferences. It’s crucial to understand that a photographer’s style is distinctive and won’t drastically change for an individual session.

Equally significant is the comfort and connection you feel with the photographer. Newborn photoshoots can extend for hours, involving intimate moments such as breastfeeding, changing, and handling the baby. Establishing a sense of comfort and trust with your photographer is paramount. These sessions are more than just capturing images; they’re about creating a comfortable environment where you can rely on the photographer to skillfully capture the essence of these intimate family moments. Choose a photographer with whom you feel at ease and confident, ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable experience throughout the photoshoot.