Milestones Packages

Delightful baby photoshoot session, capturing every adorable milestone – from the first sitting to playful crawling, busy hands at play, charming tummy poses, and heartwarming smiles. Our milestone sessions beautifully preserve the magic of your baby’s growing journey. Family photoshoot play a crucial role in these specialized sessions, capturing the essence of togetherness and creating lasting memories for your growing family.

Mornings are ideal as babies tend to be more cooperative, while evenings are more sensitive. Our sessions are starting between 10-11am. We appreciate your cooperation in respecting the agreed timing for a seamless and delightful experience. To secure your spot, kindly give us a call to coordinate the timing.


half hour in studio
1 setup
Family photoshoot included
8 edited photos
1 month private online gallery
*albums, home service, raw photos are NOT included. Check price here: ADD ON

As your little one continues to grow, let’s embark on a journey capturing those adorable moments at 3, 6, and 9 months! Commencing at 3 months, it’s all about those big eyes and heart-melting smiles. Progressing to 6 months, we’ll freeze-frame the joy of sitting up, accompanied by those tiny hands reaching out to explore the world. As we transition to 9 months, brace yourself for the excitement of standing, crawling, and possibly those first steps! Each milestone marks a special adventure, brimming with giggles and curiosity. In these specialized photoshoots, we revel in the unique charm of each milestone. From the innocence of early smiles to the adventurous spirit of crawling and standing, these photos metamorphose into cherished memories, beautifully preserving the magic of your baby’s journey in the most heartwarming and visually delightful way.


Packages do not includes unedited photos. The gallery will contain double the number of photos included in the package. We deliver gallery within 3 weeks. The booking fee of 500AED is deductible from the total price and non-refundable. If a client is late (over 30 minutes), the booking fee will be reapplied. Prices may change, and the offer is valid for 7 days.