Once upon a time, a stroke of genius fused ‘Cake’ and ‘Smash’… Introducing seriously adorable first birthday tradition! My ultimate finale of baby’s first year is Cake Smash Session.

cake smash photoshoot Fujairah

Oh, let me tell you, if you want to know where the real fun’s at during a photo session, it’s gotta be the Cake Smash! I mean, come on, it’s baby’s first birthday – that’s a milestone worth celebrating in style!

That first year? It’s a rollercoaster, no doubt about it! Some days fly by, and others, well, let’s just say time seems to crawl (especially during those midnight wake-up calls!).

But when that long-awaited first birthday finally rolls around, oh boy, the excitement is contagious! And spending time with a one-year-old? It’s like hanging out with a tiny ball of sunshine! You start to see their little quirks and charms, and it’s just heart-meltingly adorable! You start to see their little personalities shining through, and it’s just the best.

What includes signature cake smash session at our photo studio:

  1. Background for family photos – we keep family portraits separate from the theme to preserve their timeless quality. Typically, we commence the session with a family or siblings photoshoot.
  2. Main Decoration – we create one main decoration based on your chosen theme/colors. It is complemented by balloons and printed details to incorporate into the requested theme, usually sourced from artists. The decoration also includes various props such as baby chair, cake stand, flowers, toys, boxes, and tents.
  3. Matching clothes – our clients have a wide selection of baby clothes in our wardrobe that match the themes. From suits and dresses for clean pictures (before the cake smash) to rompers and tutu skirts, there’s plenty of variety. Don’t worry about the baby ruining the clothes—let them be happy and enjoy smashing the cake.
  4. Matching cake – we always have fresh baked and moist cake to ensure the baby can easily enjoy smashing it. The cake is decorated to match the decoration but is designed not to distract or take focus away from the baby. Its size is perfect to fit between the baby’s legs without hiding them. If baby has any allergy you should tell us to adjust recipe.
  5. Milky bath – simple decoration with a small bath adds a fun element after the cake smash. We can also add fruits, real flowers or marshmallows to the milky bath, so the baby can have fun playing while bathing.
cake smash at near photo studio Fujairah

How much should I spend on my Baby Photoshoot?

Congratulations on your little miracle! Life is buzzing with diapers, wipes, and tiny clothes scattered around. Alongside these joys, the reality of bills and the art of multitasking have taken on a whole new significance. In all that chaos, activities and mixed emotions, it’s important to pause, to breathe, and to fully embrace the magic of this transition. These fleeting moments are precious, and they will soon become cherished memories. That’s why I urge you to consider capturing this fleeting time through a baby newborn photoshoot.

Such a photoshoot isn’t just a simple snapshot; it’s a priceless gift, a timeless treasure that encapsulates the essence of your growing family. Through these images, you’ll be able to revisit the joy, the love, and the innocence of this incredible chapter in your lives, long after it has passed. And when you hold those captured memories in your hands, you’ll be grateful for the decision to freeze time, if only for a little while, through the magic of photography.

Is it necessary?

Is a newborn photoshoot necessary?
No, it’s not essential for your life.

But is it important?

Yes, absolutely. Here’s why:

Getting photos of your newborn is like giving a special gift to your children and future generations. Think about it like your wedding photos – you don’t question taking them because weddings are important moments worth to document them. The same goes for newborn photos. And with the generation gap getting bigger, having these pictures will help bring your family closer together.

family photoshoot, collage of 3 photos with newborn

So, why should you consider investing in a professional photographer instead of doing the shoot at home?

Sure, you might think, “Why not just use my phone or the spare camera lying around the house?” After all, you’ll take countless photos until your phone’s storage is nearly full. But here’s the catch:

While you’ll have plenty of pictures, you won’t capture the true essence of your family in them. When you look back, you’ll notice you’re missing from those moments because you were busy snapping away.

Consider this:

  1. Do you have the right equipment to capture those magical moments?
  2. Do you know how to pose a newborn baby for photos?
  3. Do you have adorable baby outfits or the know-how to create a charming set, style the baby, and use proper lighting?
  4. Most importantly, why not take a day off and relax, letting a professional, caring photographer capture these precious memories for you? Think of it as your spa day.
mother and newborn baby

Quality or quantity? Priceless memories or just some photos?

When you search for “newborn photoshoot” or “newborn photographer” online, you’ll come across a multitude of options. From photographers charging next to nothing to those asking for a hefty fee, the range is vast.

Some may even offer 100 photos for 500aed… Sure, you may end up with a hundred photographs from such a deal, but they won’t compare to a carefully selected few, perfectly capturing your story and your precious baby.

Here’s why choosing a professional matters:

  1. Look for a photographer with a unique style that resonates with you – your baby deserves the best.
  2. A good photographer isn’t just there to snap pictures; they’re there to listen. In those early days of parenthood, having someone to talk to and share your worries with is invaluable. A great photographer becomes that trusted friend you feel comfortable entrusting your baby to.
  3. Ensure they’re properly trained in newborn photography because your baby’s safety is paramount.
  4. Most importantly, find someone whose photography style is as special and individual as your baby is. You and your newborn deserve nothing but the best.

So, don’t hesitate to invest in that newborn photoshoot. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

The Best Time for Newborn Photoshoot

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an incredibly special moment, and what better way to preserve those precious memories than with a newborn photoshoot? Many parents wonder, “When is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?” In this blog, we’ll explore the optimal timing for capturing those adorable moments that you’ll cherish forever.

what is the best time for newborn photoshoot

The Golden Window: 6 to 10 Days After Birth

In general, the ideal timeframe for a newborn photoshoot is during the first two weeks after birth. If looking to achieve those curly, snuggly, sleepy newborn poses then aiming the period between 6 and 10 days of the baby’s life has proven to be particularly advantageous. During this stage, newborns tend to sleep for longer durations, making them more cooperative for those irresistible sleepy portraits that parents adore.

Newborns in their first week of life are still in a “curled up” position, having not yet stretched out too much. This natural pose allows photographers to safely and comfortably capture those cuddly and endearing images that become timeless keepsakes. The delicate features of a newborn, coupled with their peaceful slumber during this period, create a perfect canvas for heartwarming photographs.

newborn baby girl in red

Is it too late for newborn photoshoot if my baby is older than 2 weeks?

While the first two weeks are considered optimal, there’s no need to worry if circumstances don’t align perfectly. Some photographers, including myself, have had wonderful experiences capturing newborns between 3 to 8 weeks of age. At this point, babies are more awake, offering photographers the opportunity to capture a range of facial expressions and personality traits that emerge during wakeful periods.

What when my baby is already 2 months +

For parents who miss the initial window, capturing beautiful moments with their newborns is still possible. After 8 weeks, I recommend waiting until the first significant milestone at around 3 months. During this time, babies begin to exhibit more intentional movements, engage with their surroundings, and showcase their developing personalities. This stage offers a different but equally charming set of moments to capture.

Choosing the optimal time for a newborn photoshoot is a subjective decision that relies on your preferences and circumstances. Whether you choose the first two weeks, the 3 to 8-week window, or decide to wait for the 3-month milestone, each stage provides unique opportunities to capture the essence of your newborn. Consult with your photographer to determine the best fit for your family. Rest assured that every stage in your baby’s early life brims with moments worth cherishing through the art of baby photography. Stay calm and confident in your choice.